What Makes Maaza 29 Unique?

Welcome to Maaza 29. We’ve set out to create an intellectually provocative cuisine, one that is clear of Ethiopian dining stereotypes but celebrates the vibrant applications of Ethiopian herbs and spices to European cuisine. This concept is based on a deep historical cross-flow and culinary influences of Italy, France, and Turkey, and by extension India and the Middle East.

We believe in all-natural ingredients in food made from scratch and the old way of doing things: no hormones, no preservatives, no cutting corners, and no compromises. It’s just really delicious food, prepared to order with locally sourced ingredients.

We seek to celebrate our cuisine in an upscale, sensual ambiance. Make no mistake, though, this is neither traditional nor fine dining. We’re bringing something completely unique to the table. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to find out more about what makes us unique.

We Don’t Freeze Anything

In fact, we don’t even have a freezer! We prepare everything, and we do mean everything, fresh. We take this dedication as far as our cocktails, that have no added sugars. All of the sweetness you taste in your cocktail is due to natural sugars from the fruits and other ingredients that are added to each handmade cocktail.

Our pasta is even made in-house. If you think we’re crazy, you’re not the only one. We are just extremely dedicated to serving really fresh food. Hint: you have to try our Carbonara. Ask your server for a wine recommendation to go with your pasta!

Authentic Cuisine & Our Rotating Menu

Our Executive Chef & owner is of Ethiopian and Italian heritage and also studied at culinary school in France. The combination of all of these different flavors and techniques culminates in what can only be referred to as truly authentic cuisine.

Don’t expect to have the same menu items when you come back season to season, though. We have a fresh menu each season, so we a